What is Ezoic? The Ultimate Guide To Ezoic

Ezoic, an end-to-end platform for website publishers, uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to increase monetization via ads.

Ezoic connects publishers to the best-performing ad network partners, automates ad testing, and provides advanced technology to enhance website user experience.

According to the company’s website, “Ezoic was founded in 2010 as a technology solution for digital publishers looking to earn more revenue through their website(s) and optimize UX.”

After using this platform for a while, you are likely to agree.

Ezoic understands web publishers and their quest for creating the ideal User Experience (UX).

In brief, this is an end-to-end platform for website publishers that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to increase monetization via ads.

It connects publishers to the best-performing ad network partners, automates ad testing, and provides advanced technology to enhance website user experience.`


Ezoic allows website publishers to streamline multiple goals while maintaining complete control over all testing.

This innovative technology is designed to help publishers maximize their ad revenue, site speed, user experience, and other metrics.

Ezoic can manage your display ads inventory, ad placements and caching performance.

It also optimizes settings for video content, optimization settings, and user data.

Publishers don’t need additional plugins or third-party software to manage, track and analyze various aspects of ad revenue, site speed and user experience.

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This website is currently using Ezoic. Ezoic’s technology serves all the ads that you see while you read this guide.

Ezoic also handles site speed optimization and tracking important analytics data such as bounce rate, unique pageviews, total pageviews, and average time on page.

Revenue and EPMV (Earnings per Thousand Visitors) are also tracked.

Ezoic’s basic purpose is to optimize your website’s ad placements in order to increase revenue.

It does this by using a combination of user experience and ad testing.

Ezoic can also be used to manage important aspects of your website such as caching, speed settings, and user analytics.

Who Is Eligible for Ezoic (What Are The Requirements?)

To be approved, you must meet these Ezoic conditions:

  • Google Publisher Policies must be adhered to by publishers.
  • Google Adsense Policies must be followed by publishers.
  • Users must find original content on websites.
  • You can have any length of website content.
  • Websites must be written using AdSense-supported languages.
  • Websites must be informative or rich in content.

Ezoic technology is available on all websites. You don’t need to have more than 10,000 pageviews per month.

Sites with less than 10,000 pageviews per month will need to sign-up for the Access Now Program.

This program requires a user to pass a course and pass a test in order to be eligible to access monetization and site speed optimization tools.

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My buddy Morten over at Passive Income Geek shared some exciting news about Ezoic Requirements.

BTW, if you are considering a blogging course with step-by-step instructions on how to build a profitable blogging business, the Passive Income Geek Course is an excellent (and affordable!) option.

Ezoic minimum traffic requirements vs Mediavine & AdThrive:

  • Mediavine – 50,000 sessions per month
  • AdThrive – 100,000 pageviews a month
  • Ezoic–10,000 visits per month

Sometimes, Ezoic accepts sites that don’t meet its minimum traffic requirements.

Even if your site falls short of those 10K visitors, it may be accepted if it is legitimate and logical to work with.

Ezoic is a Google Certified Publishing Partner

Ezoic was among the first to be accepted into Google’s Certified Publishing Partner program.

Google gives Certified Publishing Partners a badge to let you know that you are working with a company that has been thoroughly vetted.

In 2014, Google initially selected only a few of the most trusted and knowledgeable companies to assist Adsense publishers as a certified partner.

This program was created to give Adsense publishers a list that can be trusted with high-quality standards, compliance with all policies, and provide the best service and results.

Later, the Google Certified Publishing Partner Program was created from the Certified AdSense program.

Google endorsed Ezoic as its first Certified Publishing Partner.

What Does Ezoic Do?

Ezoic allows publishers to optimize and evaluate ad placements on sites to improve ad earnings.

Ezoic uses Artificial Intelligence to test different ad types across sites to increase revenue and improve the user experience on desktop, mobile and tablet devices.

Some of the most valuable Ezoic features for publishers are:

Ad tester

This technology automatically tests ad sizes and positions on your website with Artificial Intelligence.

It helps determine which combination of these factors will improve user experience and increase ad revenue.

Mediation App

This app allows publishers to connect with all existing ad partners so that they can compete against Ezoic’s own ad partner.

If Google Adsense is set up for Mediation, it will bid for ad placements, and pay publishers more than the Ezoic partner.

Ezoic LEAP

This technology can help improve your website’s performance by helping you identify the cause of slowdowns and offering automated solutions for many of the most common issues.

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How Much Does Ezoic Pay?

Ezoic pays $10-40 per 1,000 views, on average.

The website niche, number, and location of the ads, traffic, time of year, bounce rates, pages visited per session and if the website is part of the Ezoic Premium program, which pays the highest per thousand views, will all affect the total earnings.


Ezoic is the earnings per 1,000 visitors, also known as “EPMV”, and it’s calculated in these terms: EPMV = Total Earnings/ (Visitors/1,000).

Here’s an example of a calculation:

  • 1,000 earned on ADX (advertising platform).
  • Google Analytics reports 100,000 visits.
  • EPMV = $1,000/(100,000/1000), which is $10 EPMV.

Here is a helpful EPMV Calculator you can use to estimate earnings.

Factors that Affect Ezoic Earnings per 1,000 Views

  • Website Niche – Ezoic will pay you per 1,000 views based on your website niche. For example, law firms and insurance have higher cost-per-click (CPC), and cost-per-thousand (CPM) views. This translates into higher earnings per visitor. This compares to niches with low CPC or CPM, such as books and artwork which don’t pay for every click or pageview.
  • Displayed Ads – How much each view is worth also depends on how many ads are displayed to each visitor. Websites that display 10 ads per user will usually earn more money per 1,000 visits than websites that display 5 ads.
  • Traffic Location – Ezoic’s EPMV value is affected by the source of your website traffic. The highest EPMV values are paid by countries such as the United States, United Kingdom and Australia for each visit. However, countries like India and Pakistan have the lowest EPMV value.
  • Time of the Year – Ezoic’s network of advertising networks can affect the earnings of websites that focus on niches. A website that is focused on air conditioners will have higher earnings during summer months, and lower earnings during winter months. 

    Ezoic also considers the quarter in which you are advertising. It can affect how much you get per 1,000 visitors. The lowest-paying quarters are Q1 (January to February, March), Q3 (July to August, September), and Q2 (April, May, and June) for all industries. Q4 (October, November, December, and Q4) are the highest-paying quarters.
  • Bounce Rate – The EPMV (Revenue Per mile) is a better way to measure total earnings per 1,000 visitors to Ezoic than RPM (Revenue per Mile). It also takes into consideration the website’s bounce rate.

    Ezoic states that EPMV automatically considers the effect of ads on bounce rate and page visits per visit. You can increase your RPM easily by placing more ads on the page, or more intrusively, but higher-paying ads. However, this increase in RPM may come at the expense of a higher bounce rate. This means that users will leave your site if they are not satisfied with the experience.

    You can raise your RPM by $5 to $10, but if your bounce rate increases 50% and your average page view metric drops from 2 to 1, then the higher value of your RPM won’t make a difference because fewer people will visit your website to view your ads. Mediavine and other advertising platforms use RPM to calculate their earnings. For more information on these differences, see this guide: Ezoic Vs Mediavine.
  • Pages visited per session – Ezoic earnings per 1000 visitors are affected by the average page view per session, as mentioned above. Every website should aim to increase the number of pages viewed by each visitor for each session. Ezoic will make you more money if your website has 3 pages per user, rather than 1 page.

Get Started With Ezoic!

Ezoic’s artificial intelligence system can test and understand tons of ad combinations in order to determine what works and what does not.

It measures ad size and position, as well as ad color and time of day.

Ezoic can also monitor the behavior of visitors on various electronic devices and track their logs over time.

The AI learns how to treat each visitor individually by serving the best ad number.

This includes taking into consideration ad placement, type, and layout. This improves user experience and boosts ad revenue.

If visitors love visiting your site and are served ads they might click on, click rates will increase along with the value of the advertising locations.

It is difficult to achieve the same results if you attempt to do this ad testing all by yourself.

And, you likely can’t consider every variable, since basic ad-testing can’t go as deep as Ezoic approach to Aid does.

Understanding EPMV vs RPM

EPMV aims to allow publishers to measure the revenue of their entire site. Page RPM, for example, only measures revenue per page.

Let’s suppose you are testing different ad layouts for your website and decide to add some additional ad units for a specific page.

Your ad revenue for this page might rise as a result.

EPMV allows you to see the whole picture.

You can see if changes made to one page affect your overall ad earnings.

What is Ezoic Premium?

In a few words, Premium is well worth it!

Ezoic offers a Premium program that allows members to access higher-paying ads.

Ezoic Premium members will see an increase in the average EPMV per 1,000 views.

Ezoic Premium benefits include:

  • Premium Advertisers generate higher ad revenue. Access to large advertisers with big budgets is a premium. You will see the results on your site from their spending. The cost starts at $500 for every 5,000 in monthly ad revenues. It’s a significant amount you won’t miss due to the overall increase in revenue and quality relative to those who don’t have premium advertisements.
  • Priority Data Processing
  • Priority Big Data Reporting
  • Review Site Schedule
  • Discounted Site Speed Accelerator–LEAP replaces SSA.

A Deeper Look at the Benefits

Premium Advertisers generate higher ad revenue

Ezoic Premium is the main benefit. Ezoic has agreements with partners who are interested in placing ads on their website.

Premium deals offer higher CPM rates than standard Ezoic ad bidding.

You, as the content creator, will experience an increase in your Ezoic advertising earnings.

This is not about quantity, but quality. Premium doesn’t mean you will see more ads on the website.

Instead, Premium will show you more quality and less spammy ads.

Ezoic Premium can lead to an average revenue increase of between 50% and 25%.

Priority Data Processing

Your testing data is processed first by Ezoic’s Premium users.

Ezoic’s system is designed to increase revenue and improve the user experience.

Optimal data processing allows for faster optimization.

This will increase revenue and improve the user experience.

This can also help you increase your revenue, as user experience directly affects SEO.

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Priority Big Data Reporting

This is Ezoic’s Google Analytics version of Big Data. As a regular Ezoic user, you’ll already have access to Big Data which can be used to explore the details of your analytics (audience and behavior, traffic sources, user experiences, etc.).

Your data will be processed first by Ezoic Premium users, so you’ll see your analytics updated quicker.

For example, in the following premium users’ data is available 14 to 26 hours earlier than non-premium customers.

1-on1 Site Reviews

These sessions can be used to examine your site analytics and ask questions.

They can be scheduled monthly or quarterly, depending on your Premium level.

  • Plan Quarterly Sessions: Starter, Expansion, Four Star, and Five Star
  • Schedule Monthly Diamond or Above

Discounted Site Speed Accelerator (SSA) – But LEAP is Replacing SSA

The Site Speed Accelerator plugin combines Ezoic’s best features from multiple speed-optimization plugins to create one plugin.

But remember, Ezoic is gradually replacing SSA with LEAP. The LEAP program is essentially a redesigned version of SSA, but it’s completely free.

This means that the SSA discount value will vanish when you have access to LEAP.


How to join Ezoic Premium

To join Ezoic Premium, you must meet the following criteria:

  • 3 Months with Ezoic – Be an Ezoic user for at least 3 months
  • $50 Monthly Earnings – At least $50 per month in Ezoic revenues

After you have met these requirements, you are likely to be invited to Premium.

Premium is an invitation-only service, so you cannot apply directly. An email will be sent to you with an invitation.

Is Ezoic Premium Free?

No, Ezoic Premium isn’t free, but they will only invite you if they believe that your ad earnings would increase more than the cost.

Your Ezoic premium profit is the difference between them.

Each tier provides an estimate of the revenue boost.

Ezoic will not automatically upgrade you to a Premium tier higher than you have earned.

However, they will downgrade you if you earn less than the premium tier is worth.

The Premium amount displayed in your Premium section does not replace your earnings.

The premium earnings are added to your regular Ezoic earnings.

Ezoic Premium Levels, Profits and Plans

Here is how Premium earnings are calculated. There are two dimensions to Ezoic Premium: ‘Plans’ and ‘Levels’ and can sometimes be quite confusing.

  • Ezoic Premium plans – Starting at 7 Diamond and going up to 7 Diamond
  • Premium Plan Levels–Basic, Preferred, or Elite (Applies to Each Plan

You can choose a plan based on your Ezoic Earnings and a level within that plan. The Growth Plan is available to those who earn $120-$249/Month.

You can expect an Ezoic revenue growth of between $68 and $83 per month if you choose the Elite Level.

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Ezoic Premium Annual Payment Discount

You can save 20% on any Ezoic Premium Plan if you choose annual billing (paid monthly) instead of monthly billing.

Annual billing is an option that you can choose at any time. Ezoic can make any adjustments to the next invoice.

Ezoic Premium can be billed on either a monthly or an annual basis. It must be paid with a credit card. You cannot pay for Ezoic premium with ad earnings.

Ezoic Premium Will Apply to All Your Websites On Ezoic

That is a big advantage. Ezoic Premium will allow you to have more site earnings through Ezoic. All of your sites will display higher-paying ads.

All the benefits that apply to all sites will be available, such as Priority Data Processing.

This is great news if your portfolio includes blogs or websites that perform well.

How Ezoic Premium affects Q1 Earnings

While Q4 is the most favorable time to advertise, Q1 (the 3rd and final months of the year) can be slower, many publishers are concerned that premium revenue won’t cover Q1 ad rates drop.

They don’t want Premium to cost them more than they make.

However, Ezoic Premium actually protects you against low ad rates for Q1.

Ezoic claims that no publisher made less in January 2020 than the cost of Premium, meaning they all still made a profit.

While many publishers continue to use their Premium plan, Ezoic will automatically reduce yours if your projected earnings are lower than the cost.

Ezoic will then refund you the pro-rata cost of the higher plan on your next invoice. After the ad rate bounces back, you will be able to re-upgrade your plan to a higher one.

What is the plan level I am eligible for?

Publishers are assigned to a plan level based upon their Ezoic Ad Partner revenue for the last 30 days. This does not include Premium Ad Partner revenues.

You will automatically be dropped to a lower tier if you receive less traffic or earnings than your monthly revenue quota.

This will affect the price you pay and is a protection feature to make sure you don’t lose money with Premium.

Ezoic will not move you to a higher tier without your consent.

What happens if I cancel my subscription?

It all depends on which plan you choose. You can cancel your Monthly Plan and your Premium will not be renewed at the next payment.

You will be charged a 50% cancellation fee if you cancel your Annual Plan contract before it ends.

Ezoic Premium has a limited number of spaces, and publishers can leave the program at any time. There is no guarantee that there will be another spot if they do not re-join.

Other Ezoic Benefits

Ezoic Leap

Ezoic Leap, a single toolkit, provides many optimization features and diagnostic capabilities to ensure your site passes Core Web Vitals.

Core Web Vitals is a Google initiative to provide a standard way of measuring signals that deliver great user experiences.

These signals include loading speed (through Largest Contentful Painting), interactivity (through First Output Delay), visual stability (through Cumulative Layout Switch), and loading performance (through Largest Input Delay).

Ezoic Leap was created to make your site faster and more efficient. Ezoic has a support team that can help you set up and adjust all activation settings if you don’t want to do this on your own.

In the past, I have hired several people to improve my website speed. They will need to install plugins and tweak settings. Ezoic Leap needs your participation.

However, Leap does most of the heavy lifting for several plugins together, so you can get rid of those plugins.
To make your site more optimized, you will need to take control of the decision about whether getting rid of Google fonts or your favorite plugin is worth the slight speed increase.

Ezoic Leap can immediately improve your website. With the right settings (that Ezoic’s team can set up), your site should see significant improvements over time.

Leap offers several suggestions to optimize your site beyond the default settings.

These recommendations will give you the information you need to quickly identify what is causing problems on your site.

You can then decide whether to remove or modify that part of your website.


LEAP eliminates:

Ezoic uses server-side ads to do a lot more than other plugins. Ezoic Leap allows you to turn off and completely remove multiple plugins from your website.

Ezoic Leap allows you to disable CDN caching plugins and lazy loading.

It also lets you turn off speed/image optimization plugins such as Imagify, Shortpixel, and others. Ezoic Leap can do all that.

Ezoic Leap automatically optimizes your website (and I am seeing great results). However, to optimize your site for mobile and desktop, you will need to do some manual cleanup.

You will need to look into your site to make it faster, so you may want to create a detailed to-do-list of things you would like to do.

Ezoic will now allow server-side advertising. This is huge! Ezoic Leap is a powerful tool that can remove plugins from your website and performs a lot to optimize your site.

Big Data Analytics

Ezoic’s Big Data Analytics Dashboard gives you easy access to all metrics.

Anyone who wants to maximize their site’s earning potential can benefit from this dashboard once they are comfortable deciphering the information.

Big Data Analytics Dashboard lets you break down your ad revenue by different pages, devices, and traffic sources, as well as countries.

You can use your statistics to determine which pages or traffic sources generate the most revenue.

This will allow you to plan your content and marketing accordingly to take advantage of this. It is possible that the traffic source you have spent a lot of money and time on might not be as lucrative as it once was.

You might find that one writer is more profitable than the other. You may be in one of these situations.

If this is the case, you might find that a quick reorganization of your marketing or job assignment can lead to some quick wins.

Free Hosting

How to set up Ezoic’s free website hosting!

Once your site has been reviewed by Ezoic, you will need to follow a few steps to create a website to be hosted with them. 

Website hosting has no pageview limits! This means that you can host your website with them, regardless of its size, as long as they offer their service.

Hosting your website with Ezoic has many benefits:

  • Unlimited cloud-based memory.
  • Unlimited cloud-based CPU cores.
  • Unlimited SSD storage.
  • PHP 7.4 is the default version and can be customized to other PHP versions.
  • Ezoic will stop malware at DNS level.
  • Ezoic detects dangerous content and exempts it.
  • The system also provides DDoS protection and additional security measures.
  • Ezoic sites will benefit from regular monitoring of user experience metrics by tech team members

I recently took a deep dive into 9 Reasons Ezopic’s Free Hosting Is Worth It, it’s definitely worth your time if you are on the fence.

Ready to get started? Check out Siteground!

Ezoic Video Ads

Although Ezoic has an integrated ad tester that uses AI to determine the best place for your ads over time and where they should be placed.

Some users may not feel comfortable giving up control, so Ezoic gives its users greater control over the placement of ads than any other competitor does.

Ezoic allows you to place ads in the exact positions that you choose.

This is brilliant for site owners who may have previously found success with a particular spot on their website.

If you’ve already done some ad testing of your own, you can skip past the time it would take for Ezoic to identify the most lucrative areas of your pages and pick up where you left off.

Of course, you may be tempted to see if Ezoic’s AI-aided ad tester can find an even better location for your ads instead.

Unless you’re absolutely certain of your own ad placement though, you may as well let it run and just adjust the odd one here and there if you wish.

This control over ads also allows you to ensure that a glib advert doesn’t appear in the middle of a serious or sensitive post whilst Ezoic’s AI is finding its feet.

Even if your content doesn’t deal with any sensitive issues, there may still be occasions where the awkward placing of an ad might otherwise break up the message you’re trying to convey.


Eozoic’s Title Tag Tester

Do you struggle to find a title for your latest blog post?

With the SEO tag tester, you can create multiple titles and have Ezoic check them to determine which creates the most traffic.

Some variations are possible for the title of a page on your website.

Ezoic tests titles to see which titles do best in terms of page view, bounce rate and click-through.

The platform will display the winner title once the test is completed.

How Ezoic Can Improve Your Website

Control and test ads

Revenue generated from ads depends on how many ads are displayed, where they are located, and what size each ad is.

Advertisers bid differently on every visitor and each visitor responds to ads differently.

Ezoic optimizes for advertiser revenue and user experience for each visitor on every page, depending on what tests you allow.

Optimize for Every Variable

Websites can’t control the devices, geo-locations and times of day of visitors.

These variables are a significant part of the advertising space that advertisers pay.

Ezoic will use ad-testing to manage supply-and-demand and increase the ad rates websites pay for all visitors.

Get Started With Ezoic!

Maximize the Untapped Potential of Every Website Visit

Each visitor will find the best way to increase revenue and improve UX.
Ad Tester was created to assist websites in optimizing their ad inventory and providing simple tools for automating and testing the improvement of ad revenues at scale.

Control Ad Density

Other ads are less valuable than ads that contain them. Ezoic automatically adjusts the ad density in order to avoid this.

Find the Best Ad Locations

Ezoic will help you control the potential locations for ads and determine which ones generate the most revenue for each page and for what types of visitors.

Optimize Ad Sizes

Ezoic will adjust ad sizes to match how advertisers compete for visitors from different places, on different devices, etc.

Display the highest-paying ad types

Ezoic determines which ad types and partners are the most lucrative and inserts them on every page. This is based on how different visitors respond to them.

Access premium Ad Networks, Exchanges, Deals, and Link Existing Ad Partners

Access Google Ad Exchange

Google’s premium Ad Exchange offers you access to thousands of networks and partners that compete for higher ad rates.

Implement Header Bidding

Ad Tester automates header bidding and yield optimization to increase website advertising space’s value.

Sites can use mediation to connect existing ad networks like Google AdSense to compete against thousands of Ezoic premium partners. Find out more.

Ezoic Alternatives: 4 Options to Consider

While Ezoic is an excellent program, many publishers are interested in exploring other ad networks to maximize their profits.

If you’ve tried Ezoic and haven’t seen much success in your niche or your blog has been rejected by them, here are the 4 best Ezoic alternatives you can try.


Mediavine is one the best Ezoic alternatives because it has a high EPMV which ensures a higher earning opportunity …. Media.net, the largest contextual advertising platform in the world, powers the Yahoo!

Advertisers can use the Bing Ad Marketplace. All content must be written in English.

Visitors must come from the US, UK or Canada in large numbers. Advertising should not be excessive

A key feature of this platform is its Mediavine University. This is an online site that allow:

  • Realtime interaction between Mediavine users. 
  • Discovery–quick look at online courses, blogs, etc.
  • Topics–hot topics that every publisher needs to be aware of.
  • Courses–Paid studies users can take advantage of.


Media.net offers ad space for media outlets of all sizes and bloggers and will accept a small blog if it meets these requirements.

Your website should contain enough original content that is regularly updated and does not infringe upon intellectual property rights or other third parties.

All content should be written in English.

Visitors must come from the US, UK, or Canada in large numbers.

Advertising should be limited in scope.


AdThrive is a CPM-based ad network that has been a Google-certified monetization partner since 2013.

They offer superior technology in ad placement and bidding, thereby significantly increasing your potential earnings.

You should only consider applying to this network if your site is large and has a lot of monthly visitors.

Requirements for new AdThrive publishers include:

  • A minimum of 100,000 monthly pageviews, that come mainly from the US and validated by the site’s Google Analytics history.
  • 30,000 monthly pageviews minimum for additional sites of existing AdThrive publishers.
  • No previous advertising infringements with or penalties from major ad providers.
  • Unique, original, and engaging content that is brand appropriate for AdThrive’s advertising partners.
  • A secured site using HTTPS.

AdThrive applies a few additional criteria to publishers who apply for its publisher program. These include:

  • Publishers need to produce engaging, original, high-quality content that “tells stories”, solves problems, or makes the internet a better place.
  • Content must be brand-safe and not fall under potentially offensive domains (porn, gambling, or hateful speech). To be sustainable, the site’s traffic must have been previously proven via Google Analytics. The site’s traffic should also be expected to grow or continue in the long-term.
  • Publishers must display at least three ads per web page upon admission to AdThrive.

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Google AdSense

Google AdSense is a program run by Google that allows publishers in the Google Network of content sites to serve automatic text, image, video, or interactive media advertisements that are targeted to site content and audience.

Google launched this advertising program in 2003 and it is the most widely used advertising program on the Internet.

This program offers webmasters and site owners a great opportunity to monetize traffic. Every year, Google pays more than $10 billion to its publishers.

Google AdSense: The Benefits

  • There are a gigantic number of advertisers and publishers. More than 10 million websites are using it today.
  • Both publishers and advertisers enjoy high levels of security, safety, and transparency.
  • Google acts as an intermediary and ensures that the process is transparent and easy for all. You can track all the relevant metrics within your Google Analytics account.
  • There are many ad formats.
  • Advertisers can use AdSense to display text, images, HTML ads, and video ads in many sizes.
  • You can test different ad types to determine which ones generate the highest revenue as a publisher.

My Personal Experience With Ezoic

Here’s the deal. I have now been with Ezoic (and Ezoic Premium) for 2 years and counting.

From the features, the tools, the evolving mindset at Ezoic, and the great pay rates, I have come to really enjoy working with Ezoic and see no reason to ever leave.

In-Fact, I recently made a YouTube video explaining what I thought about Ezoic, you can check that out here:

You will have to ignore the setting, I was traveling full-time in an RV, seeing all the US National Parks with my kids (yet another reason to love Niche Websites as a business model).

Final Word on Ezoic

The basic idea behind what Ezoic does is that it helps you optimize ad placements on your website to increase revenue based on a combination of user experience and ad testing.

You can also use Ezoic’s Content Publishing technology to manage other important aspects of your website like caching, speed settings, video content, and user analytics data.

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