I Sold Two Websites on Motion Invest: Here is How it Went

So as you know, I was getting bored (and frustrated) with my first two sites. So, I reached out to the folks over at Motion Invest and decided to sell both of the sites.

I decided to document how this selling process went with Motion Invest in case some of you out there were thinking about doing the same thing.

Hopefully, this is helpful in making your decision. 

 My camping site was seeing around 7,000 pageviews a month and my pet site was seeing around 15,000 PV’s a month.

Both were about 1.5-2 years old and earning about $200-$300 per month. 

If you want to see how they both performed before selling, you can check out a recent Income Report here.

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The Selling Process of Motion Invest Explained

Online site valuation tool (Timeframe: Instant)

You complete a quick questionnaire regarding the site you want to sell including information about your domain, niche and traffic, and earnings.

After entering this info and your email, you are given an instant “valuation”. 

This gave an overview of what your site “should” sell for, and in my case, my online valuation for the camping site was around 12K and the pet site was around 8-9K (I can’t recall specifically). 

Due Diligence Period (Timeframe: 10 Days)

If you choose to list after seeing your valuation, you are then asked for proof of traffic and income via email.

To do this, I was told to create several screenshots of metrics, I had to add them as a viewer in Google Analytics and export Amazon Associates data. 

All of this is a good thing as it shows they do a thorough due diligence process before listing a site. 

Offer to buy or List with Motion Invest (Timeframe: 1-2 Days)

I received an email for both sites with their valuation and their proposed listing price on the marketplace.

In my case, the camping site was given a listing price of 11,730 with a “dutch auction” style where they reduce the price by $42 every 2 days until it sells or reaches a reserve of $11,100.

The Pet site was given a listing price of $8,360 with a “dutch auction” style where they reduce the price by $28 every 2 days until it sells or reaches a reserve of $7,940.

They also gave the following caveat: Websites often move quite quickly on our marketplace, though there are no guarantees it allows an opportunity to secure a higher price point. 

Just a few notes on this:

  1. If the site sells, there is a success fee of 20%.
  2. There is a 1-month exclusivity (this means you can’t list the site elsewhere for 1 month, most places this is 2-3 months)
  3. We will handle the questions that the potential buyers have but they may want to also speak with the current owner, so you would just need to be available for this.

Listing Agreement Contract (Timeline: 1 Day)

I was sent a DocuSign listing contract with details regarding the listing and overall process. I signed the same day and returned the document via DocuSign.

Site Went Live (Timeline: 1 Day)

I received the listing email that gets sent out to all of Motion Invest’s subscribers with my two sites being featured in the email. It was exciting to see them live!

Sites Sold Same Day!

The camping site sold immediately for the listing price of $11,730 and the pet site sold a few hours later for just under the asking price for $8,000 with a little bit of mediated negotiating. 

Selling Contract Sent (Timeline: 1 Day)

A contract was sent over with both the buyer’s and seller’s info with all the legal junk needed to sell a site. 

Deals moved to the Transfer Team(Timeline: 1 Day)

I was contacted via email with a list of steps to take to start the transfer process. Specifically:

  • They need to know where the domain is registered
  • Send the WordPress admin login details.
  • Send a full website backup for both files and database.
  • Add the email address of the transfer team at motioninvest.com to Google analytics and Google search console with admin access (All permissions).
  • Send all social and email account login details that are associated with this site.
  • Send your skype id for the instant messaging reply (if needed).
  • Remove Ezoic Integration and have Ezoic Support remove the domain from my Ezoic Account

Transfer Process: 5-7 Days 

After a bunch of back and forth some techie jargon I had to figure out on my own.

The transfer team staff are pretty short with their requests and no instructions are found to do the things they need (like “push the domain”).

This was honestly the most annoying part, but part of the process nonetheless.

Payment sent via Veem (Timeline: 3 Days)

I had to set up a Veem account and add banking info but once complete, the money was in my account in about 3 business days.

Pros Overall Selling on MotionInvest.com

On-boarding was easy, listing sold FAST and funds were paid as agreed without any issues. 

Cons Overall Selling on MotionInvest.com

The Transfer team was short in email talks, they didn’t really care to ensure you understood what was going on (or even doing it correctly).

The camping site has still not been removed from my Ezoic account (I’m still trying to work with the buyer to get it transferred) even though the Motion Invest team said the transfer was complete.

The pet site was super smooth. 

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Final Thoughts 

All in all, I am happy with the process, you could say.

Sure, a 20% fee sucks, but so would selling your site with a stranger on the other side of the planet and getting screwed over somehow.

So, it’s nice they handle it all on your behalf and mediate the whole process.

Would I do it again? Sure, I don’t see why not. 

So what’s next? Well, I’m taking the funds from these sales and re-investing them into my business.

First, I’m working with Niche Website Builders on a YouTube case study regarding an Aged Domain.

Next, I’m buying content and building links, all via Niche Website Builders.

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