I Joined Passive Income Geek Blogging Course: Here’s The Truth

If you have been considering joining a paid blogging course to learn SEO and passive Income strategies, you have likely come across the Passive Income Geek course by Morten Storegaard. 

Well, I joined and decided to share my thoughts on the course, and after 18 months, I have some thoughts, some are good and some are not so good.

It’s only fair I’m honest with you. 

So, If you’re on the fence about whether or not to invest in the Passive Income Geeks Blogging Course, let me give you my personal take on it. 

Quick Answer: Yes, the Passive income Geek Blogging Course is legit and well worth your time and money. The course is filled with constantly updated tactics and trends that have the ability to take you from someone who has never touched a website, to a six-figure online business owner. 

How I Found Morten of Passive Income Geek

When I was researching blogging courses, Passive Income Geek came up over and over again as a top recommendation. 

Then, I would head to YouTube to learn a bit more about blogging, and again, I would come across Passive Income Geek, Morten Storegaard’s channel.

It was soon I realized that if I was going to Join a paid course, it was likely going to be either the Income School’s Project 24 or, Passive Income Geek. 

I watched Mortens SEO and Blogging videos religiously and quickly found myself liking him as a YouTube personality and above all, I LOVED his income reports. 

Once you see another “regular guy” like Morten making $20K-30k a month in website revenue through mostly display ads, it starts to make you hungry for the same success.

But, the reality is, that success doesn’t come that easy (more on that later).


Passive Income Geek vs. Income School Project 24

Project 24 is another great course offered by Jim Harmer and Ricky Kessler over at Income School.

Jim, a once-practicing attorney, took his love for photography and created a blog about it (Improvephotography.com) while still in law school.

After a very slow few months with little-to-no traffic, Jim neglected his blog and stayed focused on his budding law career.

Well, a year later, Jim checked in on his forgotten blog only to see it had substantially grown while Jim was off learning. 

This got Jim excited and he spent years growing Improve Photography to a six-figure site and then repeated the process multiple times with other blogs and soon realized he had a business model on his hands he could share with others.

A few short years later, Income School was formed and with the help of his buddy, Ricky, they grew a sizable YouTube Channel and, you guessed it, a paid blogging course to teach others their successful process. 

Project 24 (P24) is a well-known blogging course and many people have moved into blogging with substantial full-time incomes thanks to Project 24 and Income School. 

As you can guess, I also wanted in on the action. 

But, it wasn’t that easy, they wanted $500 to enroll and I was still gun-shy about the whole idea. After all, what guarantees I’ll be successful?

I then stumbled onto Morten Storegaard’s YouTube Channel, Passive Income Geek.

Morten is another successful blogger sharing his journey in passive income websites and niche websites through a series of entertaining (and very helpful) YouTube videos about blogging. 

Just around the time I was considering pulling the trigger on P24, Morten announced he had released his own new blogging course taking students step-by-step through the blogging journey from A-Z.

For me, the best part was the price, at the time it was around $299 which was about 50% cheaper than P24.

So, I figured, I would give it a try and I enrolled in the Passive Income Geek Course. 


You may be wondering why I didn’t use the very popular Project 24 Blogging Course by Ricky and Jim over at Income School. 

Well, to be honest, this was really the main reason, and it could be considered petty by some. 

Project 24 was popular, and it felt like Jim and Ricky’s business was growing at a pace they might not be able to fully sustain at the time. 

I didn’t want to be another number, I wanted help and I wanted a mentor and community that could give me that help if I needed it. 

So, I really made the choice on it being smaller enrollment with (hopefully) better support and mentorship.

Could I have gotten that same help and mentorship through P24? 

Sure, and I probably would have, but, I went with my gut and my gut said “save us a $200 please).


Passive Income Geek Course Review

I can hear you now, “that’s great Mike, we want to know about the actual course!” Ok, you are right, let’s get down to business. 

Overall the course is nicely laid out and has a very good user experience.

After logging in you are taken to a “Members Area” where you can see what’s new, what modules have been updated or added and other interesting announcements related to blogging businesses.

One of the great portions of the Passive Income Geek course is the depth that each topic goes.

For example, I can’t tell you how many prospective bloggers tell me they will launch their blog as soon as they figure out a niche. 

Or even better yet, many will say they have their niche but they are waiting to start publishing until after their site layout and design is more professional looking. 

These are very common hurdles for people and the fact is, you don’t need to be wasting time on these concerns, you need a niche and you need to publish content. 

In the course, Morten does an excellent job of sharing his experience in niche selection and what to look for (as well as avoid) in a niche.

When I first started I didn’t even consider things like average affiliate sale price, monthly search volumes and how insignificant a logo even was. 

The first few modules alone on these topics could save new bloggers tons of time (and money!).


The flow of the course is very similar, so many of the things bloggers stress over, Morten shares with lots of written content, videos and several “over-the-shoulder” style tutorials where you watch him do the things he is teaching. 

From choosing a niche, logo, themes, content, SEO, and Keyword Research to setting up your site and monetization. 

BTW, if you are new to this and unsure about which hosting to choose, you should definitely check out this article that gets you Ezoic Free Hositng!

Here is a quick overview of some of the Basic Course curriculum:

  • Choosing A Good Niche
  • Topic Research
  • Finding A Good Domain Name
  • Setting Up Your Website
  • Writing Awesome Content
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tips
  • Monetization
  • Social Media

It’s important to note that each of those topics truly does take a deep dive into each area.

In each module, there’s enough info to keep coming back and learning from a module for a long time. 

Advanced Tactics

Once you get your feet wet and you are cranking out content and making a few bucks, it’s time to move on to the Passive Income Geek’s “Advanced Tactics” section. 

Advanced Tactics modules fully explore the more technical aspects of how to grow your blogging business. 

In the Advanced Tactics Modules you cover the following topics:

I personally love the advanced tactics area, I find myself going back to this section all the time. 


As you grow, you find that the basics of blogging don’t change (too much) but the trends and advanced SEO tactics change all the time.

We all know that once you get a site with some traffic, it’s time to put up Ezoic Ads, but monetization strategies go so much further than display ads.

This is where advanced monetization and other tactics come in!

Having an updated resource from an industry expert like Morten is invaluable. 

Build With Us Case Study (Highly Valuable Content)

Morten being the forward-thinking blogger he is, decided to make a “public” case study for the course members. 

In this “Build With Us’ ‘ section, Morten literally applies each module of the course in real-time and builds a brand new site along with you so you can see each and every step of the way. 

I love this section, Morten films literally every area and shares it.

You can see how he sorted through niche selection, logo, theme, keyword research, article writing, how he picked subheadings, and so much more. 

But the best part? You can go to the site anytime and see how his metrics are measuring up in real-time.

There is something refreshing about a course guru actually doing the same work alongside you and sharing the results.

So many “gurus” tell you about what they previously did and how you can too, but are they still doing it in today’s SEO landscape? That matters. 


Get Help Anytime With The Passive Income Geek Community

Having a community of other invested bloggers is invaluable.

At nearly any time of day, I can go into the community forum of Passive Income Geek and get questions answered by some very seasoned bloggers. 

Why would a seasoned blogger be in this course? Because trends and tactics always evolve and you must as well if you plan to succeed.

Morten’s course has several 6-figure bloggers who share advice, troubleshoot and mentor newer members all the time.

It’s basically a virtual “phone a friend” feature to get over whatever hurdle you might be facing that week. 

Not to mention, Morten himself is VERY active in the community of members and answers the questions nearly every day of his members. 

Remember when I said I wanted personal help if needed and didn’t want to be just another number at P24?

This is exactly why I’m very thankful to the Passive Income Geek community and Morten himself for the great tips I receive whenever needed. 

Passive Income Geek Course is Constantly Updated

If you’re serious about blogging and want to learn the latest trends and tactics, the Passive Income Geek blogging course is a great option.

The course is constantly updated with the latest information, so you can be sure you’re always up-to-date.

Paid courses can be a great investment because they often include exclusive access to resources, templates, and tools that can help you save time and improve your blog’s ranking.

The Passive Income Geek course is updated regularly, so you can be confident that you’re getting the most current information.

This way, you won’t fall behind in the SERPS. When it comes to blogging, staying current is essential for success.

With the Passive Income Geek course, you can be sure you’re always on the cutting edge.

Can You Learn Blogging Without a Paid Course?

These days, there is no shortage of blogging courses available online. 

However, the question remains: can you learn blogging without a paid course? 

The answer is yes, but it is much harder

The reason for this is that most YouTube videos from bloggers are offering advice and trends from what worked 1,2 or even 3 years ago. 

The reality is, that you need something that is current and proven to be working. You might find yourself wasting valuable time learning from outdated practices in SEO. 

A blogging course will teach you the latest trends and tactics in blogging so that you can hit the ground running and start seeing results quickly. 

With a blogging course, you will also have access to support from experienced bloggers who can help you troubleshoot any issues you encounter along the way. 

In short, while you can technically learn blogging without a paid course, it is far easier and more effective to invest in one.


The Cold Hard Truth About ANY Blogging Course

Ok, here’s the BAD part about the Passive Income Geeks paid course. You didn’t think this was all sunshine and rainbows, did you?

 There is an old saying, “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink ”.

Why do I say that? Well, because anyone can hand you a blueprint to success on a silver platter. 

But, if you don’t study, practice, fail, dust yourself off and get back up again, ANY business will leave you behind.

I can’t tell you how many people I see excited to start a blogging business and dream of vanlife digital nomad flexing on Instagram, just to see them quit after 6 months of little traffic or a failed first blog. 

Here’s the deal….I failed at my first TWO sites

Yep, two sites were disasters and I had to delete one altogether and the other website I sold on Motion Invest for far less than I put into it with blood, sweat and tears.

If I had quit after those two first sites, I would not be where I am today earning a full-time living with a single blog, and building up new ones to a complete 6-figure portfolio of niche websites

Is Passive Income Geek Course Legit?

Yes, the Passive Income Geek Course is absolutely legit and will provide any new blogger more than enough tools and instruction to grow their own 6-figure blogging business.

Turns out I’m not alone in my success with the Passive Income Geeks course, and after doing some more digging, it’s clear why: the course walks you through everything you need to know to create a successful blog. 

Plus, there’s an entire community of bloggers who are always happy to help out (no matter how new you are to the game).

If you’re looking for a comprehensive blueprint that will teach you how to make money from your blog (from scratch), this is it. 

After all, you’re talking to a guy that was sitting in a cubicle in Washington D.C. 3 years ago and now I literally travel in an RV around the U.S. full-time, thanks to blogging!


Ready to start your Niche Website Business?

An affordable blueprint to launch your blogging business!

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