How to Build Links to Your Website – A New Bloggers Guide

Building a website and turning it into a success is about more than just making the site look good.

You can start writing great content and still not get the traffic that you’re hoping for.

Building links to your website is an important part of the process that you can’t ignore.

Not everyone understands how to go about doing this successfully, though. 

Continue reading to learn how you should go about building links to your website.

There are many different avenues that you’ll want to explore.

It isn’t about doing just one thing to help your website. You should use many of the options below in conjunction to make your website a success. 

Try Asking for Backlinks

Have you thought of asking people that you know for backlinks? If you’re just getting started and you don’t have a huge budget, this is going to be helpful.

You might have friends, family members, and colleagues who have websites or blogs of their own.

Ask these people if they would be willing to provide you with backlinks that will help your site. 

This is a solid way to gain footing in the beginning. Of course, this idea likely isn’t going to boost you as high as you want to go.

Regardless, it can still be a step in the right direction.

Do your best to make sure that whatever backlinks you get are related to your niche to get the best results. 


Focus On Building Relationships

Building relationships is just as important as building links. In many ways, you will start building your website up by networking with other sites and blogs.

Try to get involved in communities and online hubs that are related to what you do.

This could mean posting in blogging communities that involve your niche or even just being active in certain social media groups. 

You can build relationships in many different ways. Commenting on blogs and posts is a good way to get started.

Eventually, you might be able to contribute and get your website out there.

Eventually, the opportunity to place backlinks will present itself once you take the time to build strong relationships. 

Testimonials Are Useful

Testimonials are more useful for link building than you might realize.

You can help to promote another business while also helping yourself when you agree to do a testimonial.

This is a type of post that is about another business’s products or services.

Companies will get a valuable testimonial that makes their business look good while you’ll get an important backlink. 

It’s worth doing when you’re starting out. You should only do testimonials for companies that you feel deserve it, though.

Your reputation is something that you need to keep in mind.

Doing testimonials for products that you find to be truly useful will ensure that people trust and value your opinion. 


Aged (Expired) Domains

Aged domains (also referred to as expired domains) are a safe and inexpensive way to get quality backlinks for your website.

You can obtain backlinks from valuable authoritative sites by utilizing aged domains properly. One of the fastest ways to launch your blog and gain valuable links for SUPER CHEAP is to start a blog off of an Aged or Expired domain.

I personally started an aged domain with Niche Website Builders and the results so far have surpassed any of my expectations.

This is a perfect chance for you to handle link building for your website without having to do every little thing manually. 

To accomplish this, you just need to purchase a domain that was once in use. What is an aged domain exactly?

It’s a website that has been around for several years that is now available for purchase.

There are many reasons why a domain name might become available. 

For example, a business might have gone bankrupt after many years.

The owner also could have simply forgotten to renew the domain address.

This gives someone like you the opportunity to utilize the domain address for your own purposes.
You can bid for domains that are up for auction or otherwise purchase expired domains. 

An aged domain that has ten years of published content will be very valuable.

It’ll be perfect for helping the Google rankings of your website. You can potentially get good traffic for your website.

This is one of the methods that you should look into right away when trying to build links for your site. 

Check out my interview with Adam from Niche Website Builders where we discuss the power of Aged Domains!

Writing Content for Your Site

Of course, writing great content for your site is going to be beneficial.

You can write blogs for your site that will provide worthwhile information.

This content can be used to build links for your website in a few ways.

You can reach out to others who will be willing to link to the content on your site to help you out. 

Others who have mentioned keywords that are relevant to the type of content that you write should be your target.

This method is generally referred to as blog outreach. Get blogs to link to your content and you can do the same thing for others in return.

There’s another way to take this further that you’ll learn about later. 

People might link to your content without you having to ask, too. If you focus your efforts and create compelling content, it’s going to help out.

Keep your blog active and continue to make posts regularly. Focus on producing high-quality content so others will be compelled to link to your blog posts.

Think of topics that are related to your niche. Write thought-provoking blogs or informative blogs that provide people with great information.

There are many things that you could choose to write about.

If you’re not capable of producing this content yourself, you can always reach out to others to write the content for you. 

There are many professionals out there who will be more than happy to write blogs or articles for your website.

The content helps to drive traffic to your website and it also gives you backlinks because people will likely link to the posts.

It’ll really make a huge difference if you focus on producing quality content for your site. This does take effort and money, but it’s money well spent. 

How Do You Create the Best Content?

Creating content that will help your site isn’t too hard. You just need to focus on quality over everything else.

It’s important to build a good reputation and you don’t want to simply write fluff pieces.

To get the best results, you want to focus on relevant topics that will draw eyes to your website. 

Write about topics that make sense for your website or business.

If you’re looking to build links for a plumbing website, it’s sensible to write informative blogs about plumbing.

You can talk about common issues and what people should do in specific situations.

Try to use your expertise to your advantage so you can help others. 

You’ll get the chance to create content that has true value. People might wind up linking to this content since it’s coming from an expert source.

No matter what your niche is, you’re going to need to focus on writing the best articles or blogs that you can.

They must always be relevant to what your website is about and they must be about more than placing links. 

It’s even better if the content is easy to find. Try to create articles or blogs that answer common questions that people search on Google.

This gives you a simple way to find content ideas. You can answer important questions and benefit from gaining backlinks. 

If you need more ideas for content, you can always write “listicles.” These are articles or blogs that are numbered lists.

People like reading about lists such as “top ten things you should do when x happens.”

Blogs that have lists easily gain traction. If you’re at a loss, you can always turn to lists since those types of blogs perform so well. 


People Like Infographics

Sometimes it’s going to be better to create infographics that will teach people about certain topics.

Many people are visual learners and they will prefer to look at an infographic instead of reading an article or blog.
This can help you to get more eyes on your website. It’ll potentially draw in different people to your site. 

Also, people might wind up linking to your website when using the infographics that you create.

If they try to use your infographics without crediting you or linking to your site, you can find them using a reverse image search.

Reach out to the website owner and ask them to give you credit and link to your website.

It’s a simple way to gain a potentially valuable backlink. 

Is Your Site is Listed in the Appropriate Directories?

It’s beneficial to ensure that your site is listed in appropriate directories. This is a simple way to build links for your site that many people overlook.

There are trustworthy directories out there that list certain types of businesses, websites, and other such things.

You can easily reach out and get your website listed in the directory. 

Of course, some directories are not going to be worthwhile. Some might even have a negative impact.

You only want your website to be listed on the good ones that will help you.

Directories that are related to your niche and are provided by a trustworthy source should be your target. 

Such directories will give you a chance to gain a free backlink.

Also, you can let people who are looking at the directory know about what you have to offer. It’s a great way to market your website or your business.

Being listed in the best directories will be helpful when you’re trying to get indexed by Google and other major search engines. 

Guest Posting

You can make an agreement with another website or blog to create guest posts on another site.

Essentially, you’ll be writing blogs that will go on a website that belongs to someone else.

This gives you a chance to place links to your content and promote yourself.

You might also provide other links in the article that will make your guest post stronger. 

Writing content that will be of interest to people will benefit your site. It gets eyes on posts that direct people toward your site.

You can use guest post opportunities to reach a new audience. It’s a great marketing tool and it helps immensely when it comes to building links. 


Buy Links

Buying links outright is another thing that you can look into. This is a way for you to get links to your site by spending money to acquire them.

You can reach out to different sites to get them to link to your website.

For a fee, you’ll be able to get the backlinks that you need. 

Most successful websites use this method. It’s a good way to promote what you’re doing.

Popular blogs and websites that get a lot of traffic will often allow you to buy links.
Purchasing links should be a part of your strategy, but it shouldn’t be the only thing you rely on. 

Utilize HARO Outreach

HARO outreach is quite helpful when you’re trying to build links. HARO is an acronym that stands for “Help a Reporter Out.”

It’s a special platform that connects journalists with important sources.

This will be crucial when you’re creating content for websites. 

When it comes to SEO, HARO is utilized to help sources get important media coverage.

If you can use this to your advantage, you could get valuable links that will boost your site immensely.

It’s always worthwhile to look into HARO outreach due to how important it can be to your site’s success. 

Niche Website Builders offers a really great HARO Service where they completely automate this process for you and simply deliver your results each month.

It’s highly worth your time if you are considering using HARO outreach to build links.

Turn Mentions Into Backlinks

Sometimes people will write articles or blogs that will mention your company or website. When this occurs, they won’t always link to your website.

These mentions are potentially valuable because they can be converted into backlinks.

You simply need to discover the mentions and then ask the writer or owner of the site if they’d be willing to link to your website. 

Discovering the mentions is easier than you might think. You can use special tools that will show you mentions.

There are many tools out there that you can utilize such as the SERP Research Tool and The Backlink Profiler.

After you’ve discovered a mention, all that’s left to do is contact the website to see if you can get the backlink that you want. 

Pay Attention to What Competitors Are Doing

Paying attention to what your competitors are doing is wise. This is important when you’re trying to build links for a business website.

Your competitors are trying to build links as well and they want to be positioned better than you.

If you’re aware of what steps they’re taking, you might be able to react and counter what they’re doing. 

For example, you can take similar steps and build content that will challenge your competitors.

If you’re aware of your competitor’s new links, you’ll have a better idea of what you need to do.

It might also open up your eyes to new backlink opportunities. It pays to keep your eyes open and to look at your competitor’s actions closely. 

Contact Professionals

Contacting professionals is likely the easiest way to get the links that you need.

You can get everything that you need in one place if you go to Niche Website Builders.

Experts can offer you a package deal where you’ll get a website built for you, link creation, link packages, and content creation, and they’ll even handle HARO. 

This takes the hassle out of link building because you don’t have to do anything yourself.

Of course, you’ll have to pay a fee to get this type of assistance. For many businesses, it’s best to go this route.

You’ll get your website off to a great start in a timely fashion by reaching out to a respected company. 

Avoid Google Penalties

Google penalties can be problematic for your website.

When you’re trying to build links, it’s going to be difficult if you risk a Google penalty by doing something that you’re not supposed to.

This is why you have to keep up with current Google trends and how you’re supposed to handle SEO. 

Sadly, this is something that changes somewhat often. A website might get hit with a Google penalty when Google updates its algorithm.

You’ll have to make changes so your website will be in good standing and you’ll get the Google search results that you’re looking for.

If you need help, it’d be better to reach out to SEO experts when building links so you can approach things safely. 

In Closing

Knowing more about building links for your website will make your job much easier.

You can get the backlinks that you need for your site in many ways.

Creating content, operating a blog, doing guest posts on other websites, and purchasing links will be sensible choices.

Consider buying an expired domain to help build links in a cost-effective way. 

I have worked closely with Niche Website Builders to now only build links via HARO outreach, but also aged domains and their in-house, excellent SEO-focused content writers.

It’s true that link-building can be a huge undertaking. You might also want to reach out to professionals to get help with this if it all seems like too much for you to handle on your own.

There are businesses that you can lean on to help your website perform better.

If you have the time and the necessary skills, you can handle all of this yourself by utilizing the advice above. 

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